The Perfect Spanish Wedding

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Today's guest blog is a boutique cake business in Spain. We have worked with this company for many years and can highly recommend them. We asked Designer Cakes Spain a few questions to give our customers a bit more information on them and also a few photos to see their work.


Designer Cakes Spain


1) a photo of your company team, bit about the company and your services in Spain
My team is me Margaret Wilde.... and only me :) 
designer cakes company 6
2) how long have you been working along side Perfect Spanish Weddings? Your experience in working with them?
Can´t remember exactly, but goes back a good few years and always good, especially with Paula. 
3) what is your favourite wedding trend? and Why?
No favourite - love the way things come and go and how I have to adapt & keep up - never boring!
4) if you could recommend a place to visit whilst in Spain to our couples where would it be and why?
So many places and beautiful cities, but as we are on the Costa del Sol, I suggest Nerja as it is unique.
5) What is your favourite Spanish Dish?
Favorite Spanish dish has to be Sardinas al Espeto eaten on the beach in sea air... Lots of other Mediterannean and intenational cooking available here too.
6) what does 2018 wedding season have in store for you?
2018?  Uff.. looking like being the busiest ever!
A few photos of Margaret's work
designer cakes company 2
designer cakes company 3
designer cakes company 4
designer cakes company 5
If you would like to book Designer Cakes in Spain for your Spanish wedding then get in touch and we would be happy to assist you