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Aleksandra Olenska is the-style-whisperer, a leading international Fashion Stylist, who has worked as a Creative Director and Stylist for luxury brands including Chanel, Celine and Vanessa Bruno in Paris, and Paul Smith and Tom Ford in London.



 Her work has appeared in global magazines including Vogue, Elle, The Sunday Times, Self Service, In Style and Harpers Bazaar, as well as her own shoe line for TopShop,

She specializes in helping clients to feel like more calm, confident, put together and stylish versions of themselves – whatever their body shape or appearance niggles – being a gentle pair of external eyes, saving people time to do more things they enjoy, removing the underlying stress of what to wear where, and leaving them ready to make more impact, be ready for all those photographs, and step into their next level of success – in and out of the home - in their personal and professional life!She currently discretely serves a global clientele - with clients ranging from international celebrities, to entrepreneurs, and professionals.

Dressing for weddings can be stressful, and she is here to help with your wedding style needs!

“Olenska can make anything look unique…she is always up for something great. Let her breathe new life into your wardrobe.”


Outside of styling lifestyles and wardrobes, Aleksandra loves the sunshine, reading about AI, and a good glass of Bordeaux.

Aleksandra has agreed to be our stylist in residence for the next few months, so you’ll see her popping up here! Feel free to ask her anything style related, she’s here to help.