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Today's blog is about a lovely 2015 wedding which was held at the stunning 16th Century Spanish Castle Castillo De Santa Catalina.


Barbara and Paddy choose this stunning venue for their wedding in Sunny Spain. Their day was surrounded by their Family and Friends and the Spanish sunshine. It was a wonderful day filled with many memories and will be remembered by all for many years to come.

babs and paddy 5

babs and paddy 13 

They had the Ceremony over looking the sea which was truly breathtaking.

babs and paddy 6

babs and paddy 7


After a lovely ceremony Barbara and Paddy plus their guests then got to enjoy a cold drink, and take in the castle surroundings and it was the perfect opportunity to get some photos.


Next Stop Honeymoon


Are you the one who will be booking their Honeymoon as one of the first things on the list or will you be leaving it until the last minute once everything else is paid for?

Having chatted to a few couples there really is a mix of opinions with regards to a Honeymoon..... some say they are getting it booked straight away as its an important part of the wedding planning preparations and then others have said they hadn't even thought about it yet and that they will look into into once everything is paid for.


A honeymoon is not just a holiday it is the first time away as Husband and Wife, a time to relax after all the stress of planning your wedding and also having the opportunity of maybe visiting somewhere you have always wanted to go but would never really do it as just your normally annual holiday.

Then its deciding what type of honeymoon to have..... do you go with Beach, City, Adventure, Ski or maybe even a Road Trip.


Beach - A perfect way to unwind, chill in the sunshine and basically not do much. With so many places to choose from this. You could go with an All Inclusive Hotel or maybe just a small island bungalow. With your days spent relaxing by the pool or beach, maybe a bit of sightseeing and then watching the sunset with a cocktail in your hand. A few location ideas for you Thailand, Fiji, Bali, Seychelles to name a few..... Is this your type of Honeymoon?



City - If you are not a beach bum and enjoy the city life and exploring then this could be the honeymoon that is perfect for you. You can spend your days walking, cycling or maybe bus tours around the stunning city sights then come the evenings visit the restaurants, Bars or maybe even the theatres. A few ideas for you New York, Boston, Rome, Paris. Is this your type of Honeymoon?

America 2011 748


Adventure - for all the adrenaline junkies out there, if your an active pair and love trying new things then this is an great honeymoon option for you. Spend your days jumping off cliffs, scuba diving into the lush turquoise seas, spend the day with the orangutans or if your feeling really tough then climb a mountain. A couple of location ideas for you Killimanjaro, Red Sea, Borneo, Brazil, Costa Rica...... So is this your type of Honeymoon.

turkey 048


Ski - So a snowing break is more what your looking for. Hitting the slopes by day, feeling the fresh air against your face and then by night cosying up by the fire with a glass of wine with your loved one. Sounds lovely doesnt it. A few location options for your France, Bulgaria, Italy, Canada.... Is this your type of Honeymoon.




Road Trip - for the explorers at heart. Touring from place to place, exploring new things and getting to see everything from mountains to beaches to national parks. You can do this with a campervan or grab a convertable and stay in hotels for a bit more luxury. A few ideas for this USA, Australia, New Zealand, Europe... Is this your Honeymoon.



We would live to hear what type of honeymoon you plan on having?


Enjoy your honeymoon together and make many memories :)

This stunning Beachfront Hotel Venue situated on the beautiful Andalusia coastline is perfect for a Spanish Wedding. The Venue itself is simply breathtaking with elegant and modern decor inside and out. With excellent indoor facilities to hold your wedding inside if you desire or you can of course make use of the beachfront location, the poolside area and the stunning grounds to hold your ceremony and reception.






And the views are amazing - Beach, Mountains and all panoramic!!

There is also a private beach club which is open in the summer months which has the most amazing atmosphere making it one of the top wedding venues in Marbella







A few Facts:

    Location : Coastal

    Suitable for Wedding Ceremony : Yes

    Suitable for Wedding Reception : Yes

    Near to Church : Yes

    Accommodation Available :  Yes

    Nearest Airport : Malaga

    Distance from Airport : 45 Minutes

    Closest Town : Marbella


You can see why this Venue is so popular with many couples wanting to tie the knot in Sunny Spain. It is modern, fresh and sophisticated.


If you feel that this Spanish venue is your wedding venue then please feel free to get in touch and we would be happy to help plan your dream wedding in Spain.


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Hayley and Shane had a stunning Wedding Day at one of our beautiful venues. They decided that Hotel Cortijo Bravo was the perfect venue for them to have their dream Spanish Wedding and you can see why they choose it.

Their day was surrounded by their Family and Friends and it was truly a day to remember.

 Hayley Shane11

Hayley Shane 10



Hotel Cortijo Bravo is a beautiful venue with amazing views of the sea and mountains and is perfect for holding your wedding there.

cortijo bravo 1

Feeding your guests is a big part of the day otherwise you will end up with unhappy guests :( not a good start to a wedding day. But deciding on what type of food you want for your wedding day can be a big decision.

Deciding on what style of food comes down to:

1) Style of wedding - rustic, garden, beach, highend hotel

2) Budget

3) Time of Wedding - as this may decide whether you have just the main meal and then not have an evening buffet

There are so many different options for your wedding reception food for example:

1) Sit down meal

2) BBQ

3) Canapes

4) Buffet

5) Food Carts 

6) Food Bars

A sit down meal tends to be the more traditional way of serving food but tends to be the more expensive one. Normally looking at 3-4 courses and you have more of a formal sitting plan for everyone. 

food 2

BBQ is a great option if your on a smaller budget and having an outdoor wedding. Its a lot more relaxed and you can then opted for a seating plan or just let people get comfy where they please. You could also have a Hog roast as an option too.


Canapes can be nice for your guests once they arrive at the venue, if your wedding food isnt going to be for a few hours its a good way of keeping your guests happy until the main food comes out. Some canapes can be pricey depending on your venue and what you have.

food 10

Buffet is a another great option if your on a tighter budget. You can use the buffet for your main meal or for your evening guests when they arrive. Its a good way of letting your guests have a range of food and they can help themselves. Again adds a more relaxed atmosphere to the wedding.

jessica and dean 23

Food Carts/Trucks are a great alternative to wedding food and adds something different to your wedding. There are many options out there from A Fish and Chip Van, Mexican Van, Jacket Potato Van for example. I think this sort of food works perfect if your having a garden wedding or a festival themed wedding. Creates a lovely relaxed wedding feel perfect for a couple that isnt looking for your traditional wedding.

fish and chip van

Food Bars/Carts are great. Mainly tend to be more for your desserts but thats fine as everyone loves a good dessert. You can have a Candy bar, Popcorn Bar, Icecream Bar or maybe a Cake Bar. Really ends a FAB twist to serving your desserts.

cake cart

So a few different ideas there for your food at your up and coming wedding. I hope this has given you a bit of inspiration and maybe made you think more about what food you want to eat at your wedding.

Would love to hear what you went for in the end............. I had your traditional sit down meal but did have a chocolate fountain for the evening...yummy. 

Happy Wedding Planning



With so many wonderful wedding venues in Costa Del Sol its hard to choose your perfect venue. We have so many amazing venues to offer that will meet everyones requirements.

See all our venues

However today's blog we are going to focus on this beautiful venue in Vinuela. It is a boutique hotel set in one of the most beautiful natural areas in Andalucia. Plus situation on the stunning Lake Vinuela by the National Park of Sierra Tejeda you can see why this venue is popular to get married at.



The Hotel has lovely landscaped gardens that surround the property perfect to grab some amazing wedding photos and also as the sun sets to walk around them in the night time is definately memorable.

The property has a range of suitable areas within its grounds to hold your ceremony and wedding reception from a choice of restaurants, function rooms to gardens spaces. All perfect to take in the stunning views. Guests can stay onsite or with only a 15 minute drive to the coast there will be other accomodation available.





Lake Vinuela has a range of small beaches great for chilling out and enjoying the spanish sunshine and if your feeling adventureous then there is also a range of non motorised watersports to have a go at. The Village is a typical spanish village and its known for its fabulous wine.

Torrox is your costal resort near by and its definately your pretty spanish resort with white washed houses, many restaurants to dine in plus a lovely coastline.

A few facts about this Venue:

Location : Inland

Suitable for Wedding Ceremony : Yes

Suitable for Wedding Reception : Yes

Near to Church : Yes

Accommodation Availability : Yes

Nearest Airport : MalagaDistance from Airport : 50 Minutes

Closest Town : Viñuela and Torrox


If you think this could be the Spanish Wedding Venue you have been searching for then feel free to get in touch for more information

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Nikita and Paul came all the way from Australia to celebrate their wedding day in sunny Spain with their Friends and Family.

They chose to get married at our stunning Frigiliana Church in Nerja. This is a beautiful church inside and out and is set in a typical Spanish Village. Their 74 guests sat waiting for them to say I Do.

 nikita and paul 6

nikita and paul 4

nikita and paul 7

nikita and paul 3


They then went onto our lovely Casa De Los Bates venue to continue their celebrations.

nikita and paul 11

This is a beautiful traditional that has been around for many years. By adding these 4 things onto the bride they say it will not only bring you good luck on your Wedding Day but also it will help with fertility and prosperity.

The Something Old, Something New, Something Borrowed, Something Blue and a sixpence in your shoe has come from an Old English Rhyme. Something Old represents continuity; Something New offers optimism for the future; Something Borrowed symbolises borrowed happiness; Something Blue stands for purity, love, and fidelity; and a sixpence in your shoe is a wish for good fortune and prosperity, although this remains largely a British custom. These 4 things are usually something that is given to you by a family member or a guest, although there is no harm in you buying any of them yourself.

something old

There are so many different ways of including these things into your wedding attire, from jewellery, shoes, pins for your bouquet, garter, blue writing inside your dress, small tokens added to your bracelet or bouquet, a vintage piece of clothing or an underskirt or veil borrowed.


blue 1

blue 2

blue 3


I would love to hear if you followed this tradition and how you incorporated them into your wedding attire.

I had as my......                                                                                                                                                     something old - a pearl necklace I got as a gift for my 18th birthday                                                                         something new - was earings and a bracelet                                                                                                   something borrowed - was my underskirt                                                                                                             something blue - was my garter                                                                                                                           And i didnt do the lucky sixpence as I wasnt aware of that one.

Find our Pinterest board for some more ideas



Sinead and Shane had a wonderful wedding day shared with their Family and Friends. Their day started at Frigiliana Church, Nerja where their 200 guests sat in this beautiful church waiting for them to say I Do. It was a lovely service and this church is truly beautiful.

sinead and shane 11

sinead and shane 13

sinead and shane 14

sinead and shane 15

sinead and shane 16

sinead and shane 17

They then moved onto our stunning popular venue Casa De Los Bates for their wedding reception.

sinead and shane 19

This venue is simply stunning. Set in a breathtaking location with the spanish countryside around you whilst overlooking sea views of Rincon de la Victoria you can see why people choose to get married here.


This hotel is family run and has so much to offer. With beautifully landscaped gardens perfect to get some amazing photos. You can have your ceremony in the gardens if you wish and then your wedding reception outside too, to make use of the wonderful backdrop. You guests will enjoy a scroll around the property whilst taking in the views with a drink in their hand.




It can accomodate small intimate weddings or large weddings. And has many bedrooms to look after your guests.


Rincon de la Victoria is on the east coast of Costa Del Sol. It has 9km of glorious beaches to make us of plus a large golf course if you fancy it. With plenty of restaurants to choose from you will be spoilt for choice. 

If you would like more information about this venue then please get in touch

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More information on this venue

We look forward to planning your wedding in Southern Spain


As we start to get close to the end of 2016 its time to think about those amazing colours that will be on trend for your up and coming 2017 wedding. It is exciting times ahead for all you lovely couples that will be tying the knot next year and I hope your wedding planning is going well.

Here is what you have to look forward to for Spring colours 2017

spring 2017 colours

Here are a couple examples of some moodboards using these beautiful colours

wedding colours 2017 5

wedding colours 2017 6

wedding colours 2017 7

wedding colours 2017 3

There is some lovely colours for next year and combining a more vibrant colour with a softer shade seems to work so well and offers a real WOW factor.

Here is a sipet into what else is to come for the other seasons

wedding colours 2017 1

wedding colours 2017 2

wedding colours 2017 4

Happy Wedding Planning for 2017 :) 

Choosing the right wedding venue in Spain can be hardwork as after all there are so many lovely options over there. We have many different types of venues from Spanish Countryside to Castles to restaurants, all offering something different.

Todays Blog is all about a stunning typical Spanish Hacienda Venue, this beautiful venue is beachfront so you have the option of getting married on the beach or on the venue grounds.

beach boutique hotel 3

beach boutique hotel 4

This Boutique Beach Hotel is 30 metres from the beach, so sea views all around you. With 9 bedrooms to choose from it makes it perfect for your guests to stay onsite but also being close to Torre Del Mar where there are many other hotels for other guests if need be.

Torre Del Mar, Malaga is a popular tourist destination on the East coast, It has plenty of bars and restaurants and with a stunning esplanda that follows the coast to the Marina of Calenta de Velez.

The hotel has large landscaped grounds that are perfect to have your wedding reception in and can accomodate over 100 guests.





This is truely an amazing beachfront venue and you can see why our customers choose to have their wedding in Spain here.

If you think this could be your wedding venue you have been looking for then please feel free to drop us a message for further information

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More information on this Venue

We look forward to planning your wedding in Southern Spain


Michelle and Cian has a wonderful wedding day in Sunny Spain. Filled with laughter, happy tears and memories to last a lifetime. 

Their day started at our stunning Frigiliana Church, this church is set in a typical Spanish village with amazing views. The interior and exterior decoration of the church is beautiful and you can see why Michelle and Cian chose to have their wedding ceremony there.

michelle cian11

michelle cian9

michelle cian8

michelle cian7

Michelle, Cian and their wedding guests then continued the celebrations at our very popular Cortijo Bravo Venue for the wedding reception and to dance the night away.


trash the dress 6It seems to be a growing trend of brides trashing their wedding dresses in a photo shoot. But will you be doing it?

I have to say I still have my dress in my loft 11 years later - yes it just sits there but I do sometimes think about maybe should I do a trash the dress photoshoot for one of our big anniversaries. As it does make some AMAZING photos and you can be so creative with it.



It is a growing trend all around the world now and started back in the USA in the late 90s. With so many different ways of trashing your dress and it doesnt always have to be that you ruin your wedding dress as it depends on how wild you want to be, from inwater/underwater photo shoots, to paint fights or a photo shoot at a muddy farm you can be so creative and its a lovely way to show yours and your partners personality. 

trash the dress 3 opt trash the dress 5 opt trash the dress 7 opt
trash the dress 2 opt 1 trash the dress 2 opt trash the dress 1 opt trash the dress 4 opt


The trend has got that big that back in September 2009 they staged a huge Trash the Dress event on a beach in the Netherlands and this then happened in 2010,2011 and 2012. Now I think this would have been a great experience and so much fun.

trash the dress nethlands 2 opt trash the dress nethlands opt


So in the name of Art - will you be Trashing Your Dress??

We would love to hear from any brides that are or have trashed their dress, send us in a photo and a brief on where and why you chose that type of shoot and we will share it on our Facebook page and into our Trash the Dress Photo Album

Send in your Trash the Dress Photo

Karen and David chose our beautiful Casa De Los Bates Venue for their Wedding Day. It was a lovely day shared with their Family and Friends.

Karen David 15

Karen David 16

Karen David 14

Casa De Los Bates its a beautiful Venue, with breathtaking views of the Spanish Countryside and the Mediterranean sea.

Karen David 8

There are so many different wedding traditions all around the world, some people stick with their own countries wedding traditons others take on other traditions from other countries. This might be because......

you just like the tradition from the other Country,

the Country means something to both of you and you wanted to include it into your wedding,

maybe a family or close friend is from that country and you wanted to bring their traditions into you wedding celebrations.

or perphaps you are getting married in that Country and would like to take on some of their wedding traditions

With this in mind I have found 20 wedding traditions from around the world that you may like to use as part of your Wedding Day:

aremaninaArmenian: Before the bride dons her veil she circles it above the heads of the single ladies in her dressing room to bring them luck in finding a husband. Then a happily married woman will place the veil on her head to bring the marriage luck.








ozAustralian: Guests are given stones and asked to hold them during the ceremony. At the end, guests place the stones in the unity bowl that the couple will keep and display afterwards to remind them of the support and presence of their friends and family







chineseChinese: During a traditional tea ceremony, the bride serves tea to her parents and her new in-laws as a symbol of respect. To update the tradition, the groom can serve tea with his new bride








czechCzech: Traditionally the bridesmaids make a wreath of rosemary for the bride to wear, it symbolizes the wish for wisdom, love, and loyalty. Not only is this sweet, but super cute! 








dutchDutch: At the reception a tree branch of any type is placed near the sweetheart table, and guests are provided with paper leaves/tags attached to ribbons to write their special wish for the happy couple. The bride and groom can then read and hang them on the tree







filiponFilipino: At traditional Filipino wedding receptions, the bride and groom release two gorgeous white doves to represent a long, peaceful, and harmonious life together. 








frenchFrench: The widely known layered wedding cake originated in France, but less well known is the croquembouche, a pyramid of crème-filled pastry puffs covered in a caramel glaze. If the bride and groom can kiss over the pastry tower without knocking it over, then they would have a lifetime of prosperity.







germanGerman: Before the wedding day the friends and family of the bride and groom create a wedding newspaper that is filled with pictures, articles, and stories of the engaged couple. The paper can be used in many sorts of ways from wedding programs to guestbooks, they can even be sold for honeymoon funds!







greekGreek: The bride and groom are basically queen and king of their universe for the day. During the ceremony they wear crowns made of either gold or orange blossoms that are connected with a ribbon to signify the union.








indianIndian: Indian weddings are traditionally multiple day affairs, and involve numerous intricate ceremonies. The painting of the hands and feet of the bride, called a mehndi, is one of our favorites. 








lrishIrish: The brides typically wore beautiful wildflower wreaths in their hair and maybe even in their bouquet, and they braided their hair to symbolize feminine power and luck.









Italian: The groom's tie is cut off and then cut into pieces of different sizes. Afterwards the pieces are collected and the friends "sell off" the pieces as souvenirs. Any collected money is then handed over to the bride and groom, and traditionally is used to pay the band. 







japeneseJapanese: The crane is a symbol of longevity and prosperity. 1,001 gold origami cranes are folded to bring luck, good fortune, longevity, fidelity, and peace to the marriage.








mexicanMexican: A lazo is a large rosary, a ribbon or a flower cord that is symbolically draped around the necks or shoulders of the bride and the groom. It symbolizes their union and their commitment to always be together side-by-side








norwayNorwegian: Kransekake is a cake made of concentric rings stuck together with white icing. The bride and groom lift the top layer of the cake at their wedding. The number of cake rings that stick to the top one is said to be the number of children they will have.







pakistanPakistani: After a Pakistani wedding, the couple returns home for the "showing of the face." The bride will remove her veil and, while the newlyweds are busy gazing at one another, the bride's female relatives make off with the groom's shoes and ransom them.







pervianPeruvian: Charms attached to ribbons are tucked between layers of the wedding cake. Each woman grabs a ribbon and pulls. At the end of one ribbon is a fake wedding ring. Whomever receives the ring is said to be next in line for marriage.








spainSpanish: Orange blossoms are the flowers of choice for Spanish brides because they symbolize happiness and fulfillment. They can be seen in the bouquet, decorations, and even in the bride's hair.








scottishScottish: The Scottish like to tie the knot in a literal way. The couple participates in a hand-fasting ceremony where their wrists are bound together by a cloth or string.








swedenSwedish: A Swedish bride gets to wear three bands, one for her engagement, one for marriage, and one for motherhood. A tiara is also worn to symbolize her virgin status. In the past crowns made of myrtle leaves were worn instead.








I think this is such a lovely idea and it is something a bit different to add to your ceremony

So....Do you think you will be adding any of these wedding traditionals from around the World to your Wedding Day? 

Ruth and David had an amazing wedding shared with their Family and Friends.

Their day started at our beautiful Church of San Antonio where they had a lovely service. The Church is set in a small Spanish Village and was built in the 17th Century. It is a beautiful Church inside and out.

Ruth David 6

Ruth David 4

Ruth David 2

Ruth David 1

They then went onto one of our popular venues Casa De Los Bates. 

Ruth David 10

Jessica and Dean had a wonderful Wedding Day shared with their close Family and Friends. It was truely a day to remember and enjoyed by all.

jessica and dean 2

jessica and dean 5

jessica and dean 3

They choose one of our stunning Venues -  DSV Villa Collection. This Venue is 2 villas on the same complex, both villas offer amazing facitlities and accomodates up to 20 guests so perfect for a lovely intimate wedding.

jessica and dean 22

With outstanding views of the Spanish countryside, rolling hills and mountains you can see why people choose Costa Del Sol to have their wedding.

boutique hotel 1

This is one of our lovely venues just 30 minutes from Malaga airport and and beaches of Torremolinos. Set in the Spanish mountains surrounded by natural beauty this 7 bedroom boutique Hotel is perfect to hold an intimate wedding in Spain.

boutique hotel 4

boutique hotel 2

With gardens all around the property covered in Orange and Chimera trees it is truely perfect to caputure some amazing wedding photos.

boutique hotel 5

It also has a large morrocan inspired courtyard with a fountain which is where your outdoor wedding reception will be held. 

boutique hotel 3

You will not be disppointed if you chose this venue to celebrate your special day with all your Family and Friends.

So If you can see yourself getting married here then please feel free to get in touch for more information.

We would love to help plan your dream wedding in Spain

Click here to get in touch

Francesca and Luke got married at the beautiful Nuestra Senora De Encarnancion Church in Marbella and then their wedding reception was at the stunning beach front Salduna Beach Restaurant. Their day was shared with their loved ones and the warm Spanish sun, it was just perfect.

Nuestra Senora De Encarnancion Church is such a beautiful church to get married in, set slightly inland not far from Marbella makes it an idea location to have your church weddding here and then onto one of our many beautiful Venues in Marbella. As you can see from the picture below the details and gold colouring in the church is just breath taking.

francesca and luke 6

francesca and luke 9

francesca and luke 4

francesca and luke 3

More and more people are getting married abroad and you can see why. With the average cost of a UK wedding around £18-20k compared to a destination wedding costing around £7-8k there is a big difference. Figures show that 1 - 4 couples now decided to get married abroad.

But why else are people choosing to get married abroad.

1) The Weather

2) Less hassle with all the planning

3) Amazing locations

4) Great Photo opportunities

5) Honeymoon combined

6) More Intimate

to name a few.

Of course Costa Del Sol, Spain is one of the most popular destination to get married, with wonderful weather all your round, only a short flight from the UK so easy for guests to travel too, excellent value for money, great food and so many amazing venues to choose from - from beach to countryside.

beachfront restuarant 3

boutique hotel 5

kelly and gavin 1

And this is why we love planning weddings in Costa Del Sol, Spain.

It also has so much to offer you and your guests before or after the wedding day - from amazing beaches, ancient buildings to explore, watersports, shopping, FAB restaurants and much more.

Great link here for more information on Costa Del Sol 

So if your thinking of making Spain your dream wedding destination then get in touch and we would love to help

Check out our Website for more information on our Venues, Packages and about us











Natalie and Michael shared their wedding day with Family and Friends at our stunning Casa De Los Bates Venue. The day was perfect.

Natalie Michael 10

Casa De Los Bates is one of our popular venues and you can see why people choose to get married here. Not only is the wedding venue stunning but it also has breathtaking views of the Spanish Countryside and the Mediterreanean Sea.

Natalie Michael 9

Natalie Michael 8

We have so many wonderful venues that offer so much. Here is some information on one of our very popular venues - Casa De Los Bates.

Casa de los Bates

Casa De los Bates has stunning landscaped gardens perfect for your wedding photos plus with views of the Sierra Nevada mountain range and Mediterranean Sea its location is breathtaking. There is a lovely terrace where you can have your wedding reception and then dance the night away under the Spanish stars. The house has 5 double bedrooms including the honeymoon suite which all have en-suite facilities which makes it perfect for some of your wedding guests to stay onsite.

casa de los bates 2 2

casa de los bates 3 2

jennyandmark 2

kelly and gavin 5

If you would like more information about this beautiful Venue in Spain then drop us an email and we would be happy to help.

Check out this short video on the venue too


Wedding dress shopping is something a Bride cant wait to do or dreads. Having experience in the Bridal Industry I see many Brides coming in who know exactly what they are looking for but others that are terified and dont know where to start. I have a few helpful tips to help all you future brides out there with you dress shopping.

1) Have a budget in mind and stick to it – it is so easy to go to a shop and get side tracked and you know that if you just try that £5k dress on just for “fun” you will not find anything to beat it

2) Only take a few people with you, mum, best friend, sister for example – if you have too many people with you, there will be many opinions bouncing around and it will make it harder for you to make a decision

3) Have a look in bridal magazines or online at what styles you like and you can even print them off to help your wedding dress consultant find that right dress – but also be open to try different styles if you find your not “feeling it” a lot of the time the dress you choose will be completly different to what you thought you would go for.

4) If buying from a Bridal Boutique then they say allow 6 – 8 months, this gives you time to get it ordered and have any alterations. However if your buying from a Bridal Outlet store then you can walk in 2 weeks beforehand but be aware that you may still need alterations with the dress and steamstresses do get booked up quickly. Alterations is normally done 6-8weeks before your wedding.... of course this doesnt always happen due to time scales so just bare in mind you may need to ring around a few places to get an appointment.

5) And lastly have fun….. this is suppose to be an enjoyable experience and if you starting to get stressed then maybe you need to call it a day and arrange another appointment – the last thing you want is to be stressing about your dress.

So the 5 most common styles of wedding dresses are

fishtailThe Fishtail Wedding Dress

popular style for hour glass and rectangle shaped ladies








Aline dressThe A-Line Wedding Dress

is a popular dress for all body shapes.








empire dressThe Empire Wedding Dress

another great style to suit all body shapes








column dressThe Column Wedding Dress

popular with rectangle shaped ladies and also suits the petite lady








ballgown dressThe Ball Gown Wedding Dress

popular with the pear shaped figures, but it is great for all body shapes








so I hope this helps all you beautiful brides and I know you will all find your dress and look amazing in it

Happy Shopping

Naomi and David celebrated their wedding day surrounded by Family and Friends on a beautiful sunny day in Spain. They chose the amazing venue of Casa De Los Bates.

Casa De Los Bates is truly a beautiful place to have your Spanish Wedding.

niaomi and david 1

niaomi and david 11

niaomi and david 10

casa de los bates 2

As young girls many of us dreamed of our wedding day, being a beautiful princess and getting married in a fairytale castle just like you read in the books and saw on Films? Well...... with Perfect Spanish Weddings that dream can come true.


Our stunning venue Castillo de Santa Catalina is a beautiful 16th Century Spanish Castle which is now a luxurious hotel overlooking the bay of Malaga, perfect to hold your Spanish wedding.

With its beautiful landscaped grounds perfect to capture your wedding photos. With plenty of terraces to hold your wedding reception and the interior decor of the Castle is simple stunning. Of course we can not forgot those amazing views... they will take your breath away and Im sure will make you go "WOW"





castillo santa catalina

Eva Jonathan Castillo 2


It is truly a fairlytale venue.

If you would like more information on this venue then please feel free to get in touch and we would be happy to help.

Check out our video on Castillo de Santa Catalina

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