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Where will you be buying your wedding dress from? and How much are you willing to pay?

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There is a mixed opinion about wedding dresses some brides say its only a dress you wear for one day so they wouldnt spend too much on it, but then others say you its a big part of the wedding and they would spend a couple of thousand pounds for the right dress..... where do you stand?

Its seems to be a growing trend that more and more people buy their wedding dresses online, and if im honest I can see why they do, with the cost of some wedding dresses today.

But would you risk buying your wedding dress online??

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I can honestly say when I got married it never even crossed my mind to buy my dress online, and I am a bargain Queenbut I loved going from bridal shop to bridal shop and having the experience of trying all the different styles on, and I was on a budget too. I was very lucky to find my dream dress for £550…. yes this was 12 years ago but I do believe you can still snap up a bargain from a bridal shop. 

Having worked in the Bridal Industry it does seem that more and more Brides are looking for a bargain and Iam fully with them on this, you dont need to spend thousands of pounds on a dress you can still finda stunning dress for £600 and under depending on what style of dress you are looking for. This does however mean some people looking at purchasing online but it is so risky and it is something you really need to consider. Its great getting ideas of dresses online and getting a feel as to what you like but just really think long and hard about buying online. There are so many horror stories where Brides have brought online, their dress arrives and it is nothing like the original photo.

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At least buying from a shop you can

1) try it on

2) get the whole “bridal” experience

3) have somewhere to go if there are any problems – security

So with all of this is mind there are many other ways of being able to get your dream wedding dress at a more affordable price.

  1. Check out your nearby Bridal shops as they may have Sale dresses or discontinued dresses where you can snap up a BARGAIN
  2. Look on Facebook at your local wedding sale pages as loads of shops and people sell dresses on there
  3. Larger department shores with have a range of dresses at reasonable prices
  4. Have a look around for lower cost wedding dress shops, there are a few around where you can grab yourself a good deal. Wholesaler, discontiued dresses warehouse

So please just think before you go buy that cheaper dress online – as you only plan to get married once and it is YOUR wedding dress you are buying and not just an evening dress

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Happy Shopping

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