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A Wedding Planners Blog

Jenny and Mark had a wonderful wedding at Church Nuestra Señora del Rosario and Casa De Los Bates which was shared with their Family and Friends on a beautiful September Day In Sunny Spain.

They started they day at the stunning Church Nuestra Señora del Rosario which is perched high up in the old town close to a 10th century Castile with fabulous views of the sea, where their Family and Friends all gathered to watch them get married.

 jennyandmark 9

jennyandmark 10

jennyandmark 8

jennyandmark 7

jennyandmark 6

After a lovely service they went onto our FAB Venue Casa De Los Bates to have their wedding reception. Find out more about their day and the Venue.

 jennyandmark 4

Karen and Simon had a wonderful wedding at our Beautiful venue Casa De Los Bates. It was shared with their Family and Friends and was truly a day to remember.

 karen and simon 1

karen and simon 7

Casa de los Bates

 Find out more about this stunning Venue

Emily and Nick shared their special day with Family and Friends and the beautiful Spanish Sunshine. They had a beautiful service at one of our stunning Churches - Inmaculada Concepcion in Mijas. It dates back to the 1600s and has a lovely interior with marble columns.

emily and nick 6

emily and nick 5

emily and nick 8

emily and nick 9

After their Church service they moved onto our amazing Hacienda San Jose Venue to have their Wedding Reception.

Wedding decorations are a big part of planning your day. With so many things to think about and what decorations you need where etc. So I thought I would do this blog to help you with some ideas.

When planning your wedding there are 3 areas of decorations you need to consider

1) Venue Decorations

2) Ceremony/Church Decorations

3) Table Decorations

To start off its deciding what colour scheme you would like to go for? Some people have a colour in mind as soon as they start planning others have no idea what to go with. This year we have a range of colours that are on trend, combining a few together they will create a real statement.

colours 2016

with also Copper, Rose Gold and Blush making a huge impact.

copper rose gold


So once you have decided on your colour scheme you can now start thinking about decorations :) questions you might need to ask yourself...

1) what type of decorations do you want - floral, candles, lanterns,mirrors,feathers,wood etc

2) Your Budget - maybe split that into the 3 sections - venue, ceremony and table

So lets get creative...

Venue Decorations - You can go with just something small for this for example just some fairly lighting to create a beautiful atmosphere or some hanging buntin or paper lanterns. Just these small little touches at your venue will transform it into the perfect wedding reception.

hanging 1hanging decs 9 lights hanging


Ceremony Decorations - Just adding a sash to the chair can make all the difference in creating the perfect look for your ceremony. However you can also add some flowers to the chair, of course your red carpet entrance and then maybe some decoration along the isle too. All create a real WOW factor.

Carol 22 Laura 21 ceremony 9


Table Decorations - This is where you can really start to get creative and add your personality to your wedding. With some many ideas out there I fully understand why some people arent sure where to start. You can have floral centrepieces, lanterns, candles, vases, wishing trees, feathers to name a few all offering an amazing look for your wedding. And you can go as small and simple as you like or big and bold.

centrepiece 13centrepiece 14 table decs 5
table decs 6 2table dec 2 table dec 3


And then of course its then adding the other small touches to the tables - Table numbers, Favours, Menu and you might even take the opportunity of adding the guest book to each table.

Check out our pinterest boards for some FAB ideas for these little touches

Hope this has given you some ideas for your up and coming wedding

Happy Planning :) :)




Jenny and Dean celebrated their special day at our stunning Casa De los Bates Venue, surrounded by their family and Friends.

jenny and dean 2

jenny and dean 4

jenny and dean 5

jenny and dean 9

Katie and Adam shared their special day with Family and Friends. Their ceremony was at the beautiful Church of San Antonio. A lovely church set in a typical Spanish village with a beautiful gold interior.

katie andadam 2

katie andadam 3

katie andadam 4

They then went onto one of our lovely venues Hotel Cortijo Bravo.

cortijo bravo 1

With the Spanish sun shining day it was a perfect day for Kelly and Gavin to get married. Surrounded by their family and friends it was truly a beautiful day filled with many lovely memories.

Casa de los Bates is where Kelly and Gavin had their special. It is a beautiful 18th century mansion with is now a luxury hotel.

kelly and gavin 9

kelly and gavin 8

kelly and gavin 4

Lyndsie and Philip got married at our Beautiful Venues, Hotel Cortijo Bravo. They shared their day with their close family and friends, it was a lovely day with many happy memories.

lyndsie and philip 9

lyndsie and philip 8

lyndsie and philip 6

Hotel Cortijo Bravo is set in a stunning location, surrounded by breathtaking views of the white Spanish villages and the Spanish mountains.

Helen and Ronan shared their special day with Family and Friends with the Spanish sun shining down.

Hotel Cortijo Bravo was where they chose to have their wedding, taking in the amazing views, beautiful location and just a perfect venue to share their special day with everyone.

Helen Ronan 10

Helen Ronan 9

Helen Ronan 8

wedding dress tips

Buying your wedding dress is a big part of all the wedding planning preparation and many brides cant wait to go shopping. But some dont know where to start, you can do your research on styles of dresses, designers and colours etc but its the small details that you dont always know until you go shopping. Having knowledge within the Bridal Industry they are many questions that all brides ask,  So I thought why not do a blog about all you need to know about buying your dress. Here are the common questions asked....

  1. Underskirts - do you have to wear one? Of course it firstly depends on your dress if you need an underskirt but if you can wear an underskirt with your dress I would recommend it, it helps keep the shape of your dress and it also helps you with walking, without an underskirt the dress hooks between your legs which will become VERY annoying as the day goes on
  2. Bras - Shall I wear one...... this comes down to preference some people wouldn't be comfortable not wearing a bra however most dresses will have built in support so you shouldn't need to wear a bra
  3. Alterations - costs will vary with each seamstress, tend to say allow 6-8 weeks before your wedding for your 1st appointment. Make sure you have your shoes you are going to be wearing and your underskirt
  4. Breathable bags - I would also recommend to buy one of these - I would say all bridal shops will sale them. These bags will protect your dress from everything.
  5. Destination Brides - You can either box up your wedding dress or store it in a breathable bag and if you let you airline/holiday agent know you should able to take this on as extra luggage - so you dont need to worry about finding space in your suitcase :)

I hope that helps you all and happy wedding dress shopping :) Enjoy every moment of it

wedding dress shopping quotes t9rcxukq


Hayley and Liam celebrated their wedding ceremony at a beautiful Spanish Church - San Antonio De Padua. A stunning church with amazing decor inside and out and set in a typical spanish village.

hayley and liam 2

hayley and liam 4

hayley and liam 3

hayley and liam 5 

They then went onto one of our stunning venues in Nerja to have their wedding reception - Cortijo Maria Luisa.

Charlene and Gary shared their wedding day with their loved ones. It was truly a beautiful day with many happy memories.

They had they Wedding at the beautiful El Salvador Church, Nerja. This church is a 17th Century building, with beautiful exterior and interior decor. 

charlene and gary 1

charlene and gary 2

charlene and gary 3

 After the beautiful Church Service, Charlene, Gary and their guests went to one of our stunning Venues Hotel Cortijo Bravo for their wedding reception.

Aine and Stephen shared their beautiful wedding day with their Family and Friends. The day started at San Antionio De Padua Church, Frigiliana. The Church is simple stunning, with beautiful gold decor inside set in a typical Spanish village. The church was built in 1676 and then was refubished a century later.

Aine Stephen R 13

Aine Stephen R 12

Aine Stephen R 11

Aine Stephen R 10

After their lovely service they then went on to one of our stunning venues Hotel Cortijo Bravo to have their wedding reception.

Agnes and Salem celebrated their special day with their family and friends at the beautiful Hotel Cortijo Bravo Venue. A day filled with love and laughter and plenty of dancing... a day to be remembered by all for many years to come.

Agnes and Salem 1

Agnes and Salem 2

Agnes and Salem 3

agnes and salem 5

Eva and Jonathan got married at the stunning Castillo De Santa Catalina venue, located in Malaga. Their day was truly a magical day celebrated with their loved ones.

Eva Jonathan ceremony

Eva silhouette colour

Eva Jonathan ceromony setup

Eva Jonathan sealed with a kiss BW

Farah and Medhis shared their wedding day with family and friends at the beautiful Castillo De Santa Catalina Venue. A day filled with many memories that will stay with them forever.

Farah Medhi 5

Farah Medhi 4

Farah Medhi 20152555

This absolutely beautiful Andalusian style hacienda with a wealth of modern conveniences was the chosen venue for Camilla and Jason for their spring wedding, May 2015.

Camilla and Jason chose to celebrate their wedding in true Spanish style, with their guest enjoying a spectacular Andalusia horse display; they also took a horse and carriage ride around the beautiful grounds, followed by traditions such as Jerez Sherry pouring and tasting, Flamenco dancing and live music, the collaborations delighted the senses of all the guests, who had the pleasure of toasting to the future happiness of our lovely couple Camilla and Jason.Ceremony set up 2Camilla and MumCamilla her Dad


A Nineteenth century Spanish mansion, anchored in the heart of the ‘Costa Tropical’ Granada, is the perfect wedding venue. The house is situated on top of a beautiful hill, offering incomparable views of the Mediterranean sea and the far-reaching Sierra Nevada mountains.The terraces and Winter garden offer the chance to enjoy ancient trees, pine, magnolia, cypress, cedar of Lebanon and many different palm trees. Harmoniously mixed with the expected, bougainvillea, jasmine, calandos, gerberas and other wonderful fauna giving both enriched colours and aromas. There are two coral caves and garden fountains, which adds water as another magical element of the peace that surrounds those who take the time to ponder, appreciate and admire.

wedding casa los bates almunecar spain 2015 59wedding casa los bates almunecar spain 2015 47

wedding casa los bates almunecar spain 2015 17

Cassandra and Gareth celebrated their wedding day at Llanos Finca de Belvis. A beautiful farm in Marbella, between the mountains with spectacular views. Wonderful location, if like Cassandra and Gareth you wish to finish the evening on a 'high' an amazing wedding celebration concluded with a live rock band and guest vocalist - 'Gareth'pedrobellido 54pedrobellido 1pedrobellido 48

This is a picture story of Nicola and Paul's wedding ceremony, a beautiful and very happy day, which was certainly enjoyed by Nicola, Paul, their family and friends.008010015021024025

Emma and Richard celebrated their wedding with family and friends at the Beautiful Villa Bermeja in Sotogrande.
Emma Rich 17Emma Rich 187villa Bermeja 2

Villa Bermeja is set in the heart of Acedia Valley in Casares, bordering the National Park. With views to take your breath away this Villa is perfect for weddings. Just a 10 min drive to the famous authentic Andalusian village of Casares and amazing beaches nearby, just 25 mins to Marbella and the airport. The Villa can sleep up to 22 people as it has a separate guesthouse and apartment attached to the villa.


wedding castillo santa catalina anahita ali 82

wedding castillo santa catalina anahita ali 79

Perfect Spanish Weddings hosted a most beautiful ethnic wedding day in Spain, for Anahita and Ali at the Spanish castle Castillo De Santa Catalina. A traditional Ethnic 'Sofreh Aghd' Wedding celebration. Please take a very privledged tour of the outstanding and elaborate details that were achieved during the ceremony event. A true fusion of tradition and convention, brought together harmonously by everyone involved.

wedding castillo santa catalina anahita ali 1wedding castillo santa catalina anahita ali 40wedding castillo santa catalina anahita ali 592

Perfect Spanish Weddings have a wealth of experience in creating and designing these beautiful Ethnic Wedding Ceremonies

The “Aghd” which is the legal ceremony of the Persian wedding, is a spectacular and joyous event celebrated with family, friends, music and fun. The Aghd usually takes place in the afternoon at the bride’s family home or other venue of choice.  This is the time when the bride and groom sign a wedding contract, legally binding them as husband and wife. 

Traditionally, the Aghd ceremony, takes place by 
Sofreh Aghd, Persian and Iranian’s, which is an exquisite spread laid out on the floor containing many symbolic items:

The Blessed Bread, specially baked bread with calligraphy written on it. Persian feta cheese, and greens are also placed on the spread to symbolize the basic food that is needed to sustain life. Symbols of Fertility: Decorated eggs, almonds, walnuts and hazelnuts. The Heavenly Fruits: pomegranates, grapes, apples. Persian Rose: A cup of rose water and a rose extracted from the Gol-e Mohammadi (Mohammadan flower). This is to perfume the air. A bowl made out of rock candy, Honey - A cup of honey should be on the spread. 

Persian wedding 1


wedding nerja maro cortijo bravo spain 2015 24

Authentically dedicated to magically creating a stress free wedding package designed around you, with the focus on beautiful, glamorous, sophisticated and affordable. wedding nerja maro cortijo bravo spain 2015 7wedding nerja maro cortijo bravo spain 2015 8wedding nerja maro cortijo bravo spain 2015 11



Emma Rich 135Church Eva Jonathan ceromony setup

Your Spanish Wedding Planner – has been ‘likened to hiring a new best friend’ – to figure out and discuss every detail of your wedding with, offering professional help and guidance. who you will entrust with your wishes and dreams for your very special day.

Your Wedding Planner will be at hand to help you have your day, your way. They are there to alleviate the stress and cover all logistics by being exceptionally organised; infusing a sense of calm whilst ensuring your individual plan remains on track.

Ideally you would hire your Wedding Planner at the very start of the planning process, this way you utilize their expertise and wealth of knowledge, vendor connections, venue viewings, and complete wedding planning wisdom throughout the entire process.

Wedding Planners are a great fit for professional couples who are too busy to handle the 250-plus hours it takes to plan an individual and unique wedding, or simply for couples who don’t count being organized as one of their better skills.

When planning a destination wedding, where documents, paperwork and legalities can be different to ‘home’ a local Wedding Planner, can be an essential guide. Any country where a wedding is held requires different procedures, depending on the nationality and faith of the marrying couple.

Veronique and Scott chose to celebrate their very special wedding day in Andalusia Spain at this most gorgeous Spanish countryside Cortijo...

Set in a huge country estate surrounded by avocado and mango trees – one of the few parts of Europe warm enough to be able to grow them. Huge banks of lavender, rosemary and agapanthas, and best of all a sea of hibiscus that leads you down to the alluring outdoor pool. The Cortijo gives off an aura of privilege, it is appropriate then that the owners are the Larios gin family, one of Malaga's grandest, whose land once stretched along the entire eastern Costa del Sol, from Nerja to Malaga. This is a recent project, with no expense spared on the quality of construction. The clever use of light and planting in the surrounding gardens is absolutely wonderful, a most beautiful backdrop for a very special wedding day. Perched on a small hill above the historic market town of Velez-Malaga (inland between Nerja and Malaga), the Cortijo has spectacular views of both the coast and the marvellously hilly Axarquia region. With its folds and difficult geology, it is easy to see why until relatively recently this was a lawless region, known for its bandits and rebels, who fought on after the Spanish Civil war against Franco into the late 1950s. The Cortijo hinges around its stunning central courtyard, an architectural triumph of light and balance. Reminiscent of the days of the Raj, in part due to its ferns and other foliage, it is inspirational and calming. There is seductive up-lighting where many candles add to the romance created and desired for your special wedding day in Spain.

Veronique Scott1445

CB 1a

banquet on terrace 3