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Feeding your guests is a big part of the day otherwise you will end up with unhappy guests :( not a good start to a wedding day. But deciding on what type of food you want for your wedding day can be a big decision.

Deciding on what style of food comes down to:

1) Style of wedding - rustic, garden, beach, highend hotel

2) Budget

3) Time of Wedding - as this may decide whether you have just the main meal and then not have an evening buffet

There are so many different options for your wedding reception food for example:

1) Sit down meal

2) BBQ

3) Canapes

4) Buffet

5) Food Carts 

6) Food Bars

A sit down meal tends to be the more traditional way of serving food but tends to be the more expensive one. Normally looking at 3-4 courses and you have more of a formal sitting plan for everyone. 

food 2

BBQ is a great option if your on a smaller budget and having an outdoor wedding. Its a lot more relaxed and you can then opted for a seating plan or just let people get comfy where they please. You could also have a Hog roast as an option too.


Canapes can be nice for your guests once they arrive at the venue, if your wedding food isnt going to be for a few hours its a good way of keeping your guests happy until the main food comes out. Some canapes can be pricey depending on your venue and what you have.

food 10

Buffet is a another great option if your on a tighter budget. You can use the buffet for your main meal or for your evening guests when they arrive. Its a good way of letting your guests have a range of food and they can help themselves. Again adds a more relaxed atmosphere to the wedding.

jessica and dean 23

Food Carts/Trucks are a great alternative to wedding food and adds something different to your wedding. There are many options out there from A Fish and Chip Van, Mexican Van, Jacket Potato Van for example. I think this sort of food works perfect if your having a garden wedding or a festival themed wedding. Creates a lovely relaxed wedding feel perfect for a couple that isnt looking for your traditional wedding.

fish and chip van

Food Bars/Carts are great. Mainly tend to be more for your desserts but thats fine as everyone loves a good dessert. You can have a Candy bar, Popcorn Bar, Icecream Bar or maybe a Cake Bar. Really ends a FAB twist to serving your desserts.

cake cart

So a few different ideas there for your food at your up and coming wedding. I hope this has given you a bit of inspiration and maybe made you think more about what food you want to eat at your wedding.

Would love to hear what you went for in the end............. I had your traditional sit down meal but did have a chocolate fountain for the evening...yummy. 

Happy Wedding Planning



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