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Terms and Conditions

Perfect Spanish Weddings Ltd, a company incorporated in England and Wales with the company registration number 7344362, registered address Seven Stars House, Wheler Road, Coventry, CV3 4LB, here inafter known as the Agent.

The bride and groom will inhere after will be jointly known as the Client.

Any supplier of goods and services and any chosen venues will here inafter will be known as the principals.


Description of Services

The agent will be responsible for the planning and administration of the wedding in Spain, including though not limited to, finding and presenting the option of principals to the clients. Securely reserving the venue for the wedding day. Contracting and managing the principles and managing the budget and ensuring payments are made on time and full coordination on the wedding day.

The agent will arrange the menu tasting for the clients at the venue and will liaise to secure a convenient time and date for this to take place. The final menu price to be agreed and is dependent on the clients final choice.

The venue is responsible to supply all necessary furniture, table linen, cutlery, crockery, glassware and waiter sevice.

Any accommodation reserved at the venue by the agent for the clients, or wedding guest, is to be paid directly to the venue by the client, if applicable VAT will be added at the local rate.

The agent is also employed to reserve a church for the ceremony and will register the marriage with the Spanish authorities and procure a legal marriage certificate ( Valid throughout the United Kingdom, Northern Ireland and the Republic of Ireland.

The agent will arrange a ceremony rehearsal, the agent will liaise with the priest and client to arrange a time and date approximately 1 month prior  to the wedding day.

The agent is responsible for securing suitable principles to deliver the services required for the wedding day.

The agent is not obliged to employ the services of or liaise with any company it has not recommended and is not satisfied with the potential quality of service a supplier may provide to the client.

The client is free to book suppliers directly if they this, however it is their responsibility to ensure the suppliers are legally rgistered to work in Spain and instructed to bring current work permits with them on the day of the wedding.

The agent agent reserves the right to refuse access to the venue on the day of the wedding to any supplier booked directly by the client who does not have the required paperwork.

Agreement and Payment

The contract agreement shall commence on the day of signing and terminate one day after the wedding day.

The agreed wedding package will be based on the estimated number of adult and child guests, the menu selected at the venue and the services agreed with the principles. However the wedding package may be altered by the client between the date of signing of the agreement and the wedding day subject to both the agent and client agreeing in writing on the changes and any cost implications that may apply.

In addition to the cost of the agreed wedding package the client agrees to pay the agent a service fee of £2,000.00 (excl Vat) for agents fees.

As part of the agreement the client agrees to pay for a staff meal for the wedding planner who will be in attendance for 8 hours on the wedding day.

On signing the agreement the client has agreed to pay the agent the full cost of the wedding package and agent service fees.

The client agrees to pay a reservation deposit to the venue within 5 working days of signing the agreement, paid directly or via the agent.

The client agrees to pay a reservation deposit to to any suppliers, within 5 working days, of services being agreed, paid directly or via the agent.

Any outstanding balances to be paid 10 working days before the wedding date.

The wedding package currency is in euros, but the agent provides the client with the option to pay for the package in sterling. The buying exchange rate from sterling to euros that is current at each stage will apply.

The agent is not liable in the event that the client neglect to make any stage payments as defined within this agreement.

If for any unforseen circumstances the client needs to amend the details of any stage payment they must inform the agent as soon as possible.

Cancellation and Postponement 

In the event that the client wishes to cancel or postpone the event, they must notifythe agent by email to 

The client will lose any non refundable reservation deposits made by the agent on thier behalf to the principals.

The agents fee is non refundable.

After having given the client notice of a potential issue and reasonable opportunity to resolve any such issue, the agent reserves the right to terminate this contract if the client acts in a manner that is deemed to be unreasonable and unacceptable during the planning process.

In the event that the agent chooses to withdraw their service then 100% of the service fee must be repaid to the client as well as any balance of funds no proven to have been transferred to the principles, unless termination is due to unacceptable behaviour by the client.

Principle non Performance 

The agent accepts no responsibility for the principals performance.

In the unlikely event that the venue does not deliver the terms of the reservation to the satisfaction on the wedding day, the venue and not the agent becomes liable for compensation.

In the event that a supplier does not deliver on the wedding day due to crisis or illness, the agent will endeavour to find a replacement but will not become liable for any additional costs incurred as a result.

The agent recommends the client seeks independent advice for wedding insurance which will protect any deposits payments made.

All important details and questions must be sent via email and no other form of communication.

The agents obligations may not be assigned or transferred to any other persons, firm or corporation without the prior written agreement.

In accordance with the May 2018 data protection law, the agent will protect all confidential information to a third party without prior written consent of the client.

Any agreement shall be governed by the laws of England and Wales, and the courts of England and Wales will have exclusive jurisdiction in relation to the agreement and/or any disputes  arising out of or in connection with this agreement.