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Are you the one who will be booking their Honeymoon as one of the first things on the list or will you be leaving it until the last minute once everything else is paid for?

Having chatted to a few couples there really is a mix of opinions with regards to a Honeymoon..... some say they are getting it booked straight away as its an important part of the wedding planning preparations and then others have said they hadn't even thought about it yet and that they will look into into once everything is paid for.


A honeymoon is not just a holiday it is the first time away as Husband and Wife, a time to relax after all the stress of planning your wedding and also having the opportunity of maybe visiting somewhere you have always wanted to go but would never really do it as just your normally annual holiday.

Then its deciding what type of honeymoon to have..... do you go with Beach, City, Adventure, Ski or maybe even a Road Trip.


Beach - A perfect way to unwind, chill in the sunshine and basically not do much. With so many places to choose from this. You could go with an All Inclusive Hotel or maybe just a small island bungalow. With your days spent relaxing by the pool or beach, maybe a bit of sightseeing and then watching the sunset with a cocktail in your hand. A few location ideas for you Thailand, Fiji, Bali, Seychelles to name a few..... Is this your type of Honeymoon?



City - If you are not a beach bum and enjoy the city life and exploring then this could be the honeymoon that is perfect for you. You can spend your days walking, cycling or maybe bus tours around the stunning city sights then come the evenings visit the restaurants, Bars or maybe even the theatres. A few ideas for you New York, Boston, Rome, Paris. Is this your type of Honeymoon?

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Adventure - for all the adrenaline junkies out there, if your an active pair and love trying new things then this is an great honeymoon option for you. Spend your days jumping off cliffs, scuba diving into the lush turquoise seas, spend the day with the orangutans or if your feeling really tough then climb a mountain. A couple of location ideas for you Killimanjaro, Red Sea, Borneo, Brazil, Costa Rica...... So is this your type of Honeymoon.

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Ski - So a snowing break is more what your looking for. Hitting the slopes by day, feeling the fresh air against your face and then by night cosying up by the fire with a glass of wine with your loved one. Sounds lovely doesnt it. A few location options for your France, Bulgaria, Italy, Canada.... Is this your type of Honeymoon.




Road Trip - for the explorers at heart. Touring from place to place, exploring new things and getting to see everything from mountains to beaches to national parks. You can do this with a campervan or grab a convertable and stay in hotels for a bit more luxury. A few ideas for this USA, Australia, New Zealand, Europe... Is this your Honeymoon.



We would live to hear what type of honeymoon you plan on having?


Enjoy your honeymoon together and make many memories :)

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