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WOW... how do you decide what to have in your hair on your wedding day with so many things to choose from!






I suppose it all comes down to what type of wedding you are planning on having and your hairstyle as to what will look amazing in your hair.


The Veil - a tradition that has been around for hundreds of years and as we see many wedding traditions change over the years this is one tradition that has always stuck. Many brides these days still do choose to wear a veil and its not always if they are getting married in a Church. Veils vary from length from a shoulder length to a cathedral veil which is to the floor and the detail in the veils can be very plain and simple to lace or diamontes.

 jenny and dean 14 2


A birdcage is a trend that has come in over the past few years and it fits perfectly with your vintage themed weddings which are still a big trend. Its a lovely hairpiece that adds that slight tradition of your face being covered but is still modern.



Tiara or Headband - most brides always want a bit of sparkle in their hair and tiaras or headbands are still very popular. You can have something thats quite small and delecate or something that really stands out. A tiara works lovely if you have a simple elegant dress as it just makes it pop out. Having a tiara or headband can also work well if your having a veil. Every bride can enjoy being a princess for one day :)

Catriona John 3


Hairpieces are a big trend and there are so many different styles and designs you can choose from. You can have pearls and/or diamonds in them they can be side clips, back clips, pieces that run around the back of your head and also run around the front of your head. Hairpieces work well with all dresses and all types of weddings its a great way to add a bit of sparkle to your hair but it doesnt have to be huge.... some of the smaller pieces can also work well with a veil.

hair accessory 1

hair accessory 2


Floral hair - a big trend if your having a boho style wedding. Having just flowers in your hair can look lovely. You can have flowers just put through your hairstyle, or have a floral headband or maybe just simply have a large flower tucked behind your ear. This look also looks beautiful if you having a beach wedding.

Hayley Shane 2


I hope this has given you a bit of inspiration as to what you would like to have in your hair on your wedding day. Just remember to try things on as part of your wedding dress shoppping experience as you will probably find that the one thing you said you didnt really want you end up buying and to be honest it is amazing how a dress tranforms once you accessory.


Happy shopping and I know whatever you decide to have you will look stunning on your wedding day.

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