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Choosing the right centrepiece for your wedding tables can be hard word as there are so many different options out that that offer so much. Here are Perfect Spanish Weddings we here to help with all your wedding decoration needs. We work closely with some FAB Spanish Florists that create the most amazing centrepieces and also we have a very talented venue decorators which work their magic and can transform any of our Venues into your dream wedding.

So with this in mind this blog is all about some ideas and inspiration for your wedding centrepieces.



Having flowers are always a popular choice, you can add you colour scheme into them and they do look so pretty. With so many different flowers to choose from too you can create the most amazing looking centrepieces. You can use flowers in glass jars, bottles, wooden boxes and tin containers for a few examples. Below are a few photos of our work.

centre pieces 7

centrepiece 13 2



Candles create a very romantic atmosphere to a wedding table. You could have a tall candelabra or small tea lights in a tea-light holder. You can also add petals to the table to add a little bit more, or flowers or stones/pebbles, these are just a few ideas for you there are many more you can find on our pinterest page or google. Here are a few examples of candle centrepieces.

candle 2

paper lanterns centrepieces


Tall Centrepieces:

Having a tall centrepiece can make a real impact on the table and works really well if your in a grand building or maybe outside in a grand garden. You can use tall glasses for this and add flowers or maybe feathers. Or you could have a large candelabra and then add decorations to this. A large wishing tree also looks lovely and by adding some hanging crystals and maybe candles in glass jars also looks beautiful. A few pictures below of some examples.

Laura 4 1

tree centrepiece idea




When using lanterns for your centrepieces you can add many different things to them to create different looks. They do look stunning just with a candle in them however you can also put flowers in and around them to create a different look. A few pictures to show you some of our past couples and their lantern centrepieces.

centrepiece 13

laurie and ryan 11


Long Centrepieces:

If you choose to have a long table you can always add a long centrepiece onto the table rather then a few individual ones. It adds the look of a table runner but with a use of different things from wood, leaves, candles to name a few it can really make a table stand out. A few ideas for you.

centrepiece idea RC 3

beach wedding table runner idea


I hope this blog has given you a few ideas and some inspiration with your centrepieces. Hope you have a lovely wedding day.

If you would like to discuss your table decorations for your up and coming wedding with us then please feel free to get in touch.

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