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So you have decided that Spain is going to be your wedding destination, and now with plenty of things that you need to get booking  - booking your photographer is top on the list. There are many wonderful wedding photographers and videographers that work in Spain and all do an amazing job and we are very luck to work with a few of them. Our guest blog today is all about Evergreen Photo and Film. Salvador is a very talented man and does an excellent job at creating the most amazing photos and videos. Find out more about his services and also about him.


Evergreen Photo and Film


1) a photo of your company team, bit about the company and your services in Spain





We are a boutique photography and videography firm that specializes in creating beautiful memories for brides and grooms who choose to celebrate their special day in breathtaking Spain. We are committed to providing you with stunning high definition photos and videos, and exceptional, personalised service. In addition to excellent service, we strive to present you with photos and video that capture the candid and unique personalities of both bride and groom, as well as your guests, so that you may always remember the most romantic day of your life just as you lived it.







2) how long have you been working along side Perfect Spanish Weddings? Your experience in working with them?

We have been working together for the last two years and we have developed a very nice relationship. Our experience has been excellent and we feel very comfortable and relaxed working together.

3) what is your favourite wedding trend? and Why?

 We quite like vintage weddings because they look different to the ordinary weddings. They have a lot of decoration that makes everything look so incredible.

4) if you could recommend a place to visit whilst in Spain to our couples where would it be and why?

 I would recommend visiting the following breathtaking places in Spain:

Granada because of its ancient Moorish history.
Ronda becuase of its quintessential Andalusian taste.
Seville due to its relaxed an easy going lifestyle.

5) What is your favourite Spanish Dish?

 Definitely is seafood and meat paella.

6) what does 2018 wedding season have in store for you?
 Hopefully lots of creative videos to make our future clients' dream wedding video & photos to come true.
Here are some examples of Evergreen's work:
evergreen 1
evergreen 2
evergreen 3
evergreen 4
evergreen 5
If you would like to book Salvador at Evergreen Photo and Film then please feel free to get in touch and we would be happy to give you some further information.
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