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We work with many amazing wedding photographers that work their magic at creating wonderful and memorable photos for your special day. Today's guest blog is all about the very talented Pedro Bellido wedding photographer, we asked Pedro a couple of questions about himself and also his business to give you an insight into Pedro himself and his style of work. 


Pedro Bellido - Wedding Photographer 


pedro 21) A photo of your company team, bit about the company and your services in Spain
I’m a Spanish photographer based in Malaga, but have also worked in other parts of Spain and in other countries around the world for the past seven years. I wouldn’t consider myself to be your usual photographer, my style is fresh, contemporary and documentary. This unique take allows me to capture essential candid moments, 
special moments, in a more creative and memorable fashion. 
2) How long have you been working along side Perfect Spanish Weddings? Your experience in working with them?
I’ve had the pleasure of working along side Perfect Spanish Weddings for approximately four years. Working with Paula and Moira has been exceptional, they are extremely professional, very organized and under control from start to finish, and it’s always an enjoyable experience. I hope to continue working with them for years to come!
3) What is your favourite wedding trend? and Why?
I’d have to say that my personal preference is small, intimate weddings with natural yet chic decore. In general, I like the atmosphere at weddings held at venues in the countryside where everyone can enjoy the beautiful Costa del sol weather, typical Andalusian dishes, and the company of their close family and friends in an intimate setting. 
4) If you could recommend a place to visit whilst in Spain to our couples where would it be and why?
Malaga, of course! You can find anything and everything from sunny beaches to small white villages in the mountains accompanied with the most delicious Andalusian dishes. In the city, there is lots of history of different cultures from different eras all intertwined throughout the center, which you can experience while exploring the gastronomy in trendy Andalusian bars and restaurants. It’s also a good base city in order to visit other nearby cities, such as Granada and Seville. What else could you ask for?!
5) What is your favourite Spanish Dish?
Espeto de Sardinas! This is the perfect dish for fish lovers. It’s literally sardines stacked on a stick and grilled in a mini sailboat. It’s best experienced at a chiringuito, your typical Malagueño restaurant right on the beach, with bare feet buried in the sand while looking out at the sea.
6) What does 2018 wedding season have in store for you?
2018 is looking bright so far. I have high expectations and am looking forward to meeting the couples who have put their trust in me to capture such a special day of their lives. I’m passionate about telling the story of my couples as seen through my camera and hope to share the special candid moments of these weddings in my photos. 
Here are some FAB examples of Pedro's work:
pedro 1
pedro 3
pedro 4
pedro 5
pedro 6
pedro 7
pedro 9
If you would like to book Pedro Bellido as your wedding photographer for your Perfect Spanish Wedding then please feel free to drop us a message and we would be happy to help.
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