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Wedding Favours are one of those things as you start making your list as to what you need to get for the table decorations you then can't decide whether you need to have them or if you “should”  have them.

The history of wedding favours started in France in the 16th Century, where they gave their guests "bonbonnieres" which were sugar coated Almonds or sweets, this was a thank you token but also the sweetness of the almonds which thought to symbolise a bittersweet marriage. As this tradition spread worldwide and become increasely popular, the trend grow and grow and today we use many other things as wedding favours to give to our guests.

So the question is are you having wedding favours?

and if so what are you thinking of having?

Do you stick with the traditional favours? sugared almonds

trad favour 1














or do you go with something different. There are so many different options for favours out there, its just finding the right one that fits with you whether its budget, edible, keepsakes or unique they will all look great.

Here are a few wedding favours I have found whilst searching the around. I hope they give you some inspiration and help you make that decision whether you want to have them or not!

favors 9 opt favour 2 opt favour 3 opt favour 4 opt
favour 6 opt favour 7 opt favour 8 opt favour 10 opt

I have also found favours that link in with your name placing, which I think its a great idea.

favour 12 opt favour 14 opt favour 5 opt 2

If you decide that wedding favours aren’t for you but feel that the table is missing something then you could put some wedding bubbles on there (great way of keeping kids ……… and some adults entertained) or maybe disposable cameras – if nothing else it gives you both a giggle looking at developed photos a few weeks later – cant beat random wedding photos.

Happy wedding planning


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