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With social media a growing trend it is no wonder couples are using it even on their wedding day and also to the build up of the wedding.

There are many different social media apps that you can make use for your wedding day, including Instagram, Snapchat and Facebook. 


instagramInstagram is all about pictures and is a FAB app you can use for your wedding. You can make use of this for your up and coming wedding and also on the day of the wedding, you can create your own page with a hashtag - for example #beckyandbendecember2018, of course you can get as creative as you want with the hashtag, then invite your wedding guests to join the page, you can post pictures on there for the count down to the wedding and then on the day people can upload their wedding photos they take by tagging you on on either the page name or the #tag.


social media


snapchatSnapchat is a huge trend now and I would say it is one of the most popular apps that people are using, its an instant message or picture that can last sometimes only hours. The new trend for snapchat for the wedding industry is creating a geofilter for yoru wedding day and your guests can then upload photos onto snapchat to share with fellow guests using your own personalised wedding frame. You have to pay for this frame and cost varies on what you choose for the frame and how fancy you go. You can also choose how long the images stay around on snapchat from 1 day - 30 days. Just remember that if have to save anyone of fun memories of the evenings celebrations as it will only be on there for the time that has been requested.

snapchat 1



facebookFacebook is still very popular and is used across all ages, however stats do show that with snapchat and instagram taking front lead on the social media apps. However with a wider percentage of your guests more than likely to be on Facebook rather than Instagram and Snapchat, Facebook could be the better social media app to use on your wedding day. You can either create you own group or wedding page where you can invite all your wedding guests, you can then use this for sharing information on the up and coming wedding and also on the day of the wedding, where people can upload the photos they take of the day giving you access to all the photos taken througout the day.

facebook wedding page


So just remember if you are planning on bring social media into your wedding day then make sure you guests are aware of it so you can use its full potential. You could have a sign up that shows the information of what social media page you are using and a brief instruction, you could also put the information into your wedding invites so people can be prepared before the day.

Happy social media wedding!!


wedding social media

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