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We have plenty of services to help with all your wedding planning to ensure your day runs smoothly and that you have everything you have always wanted for your special day. One of our services to your wedding cake,  we work with a range of local cake suppliers that create the most amazing wedding cakes custom to each of our couples. They will discuss with you all your requirements and any dietary needs and then create the perfect cake which you will not be disappointed with.

Have you decided yet what type of wedding cake you would like for your wedding in Spain? With so many different options to choose from it can be a hard decision. Do you have sponge or maybe chocolate or do you stick with a traditional and go with fruit?.... but no need to worry we are here to help!

Here are a few examples of our Cake Suppliers creations:

Amy Chris Wedding 358

Anna Michael 410

daniela and steve 25

ghadeer and ayham 3


Laina Ben 564

steve and laura 12 

As you can see from our pictures there is a huge range of wedding cakes that we can offer you for your wedding in Spain, from our more traditional tiered cakes, to cupcakes to having cheeses instead of cake and much more.

If however you do have another idea for your wedding cake then please feel free to get in touch and we would be happy to discuss this with you and see whether it is something our suppliers can arrange for you.

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