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 Wedding decorations are a big part of planning your day and helps create the perfect wedding for you as an individual couple. There are a few areas when it comes to chosing your wedding decorations and with lots of different ideas and inspiration out there it can become a bit overwhelming deciding what you want. But this is where Perfect Spanish Weddings is here to help, we have a fantastic venue stylist that will listen to your ideas and dreams and help transform your chosen wedding venue into you perfect wedding location. 

So lets get started:

When planning your wedding there are 4 areas of decorations you need to consider

1) Venue Decorations

2) Ceremony/Church Decorations

3) Table Decorations

4) Seating Plan


Questions you might need to ask yourself...

1) What type of decorations do you want - floral, candles, lanterns, mirrors, feathers, wood to name a few

2) Your Budget - maybe split that into the 3 sections - venue, ceremony and table. 

3) Your colour scheme and what style of wedding you are looking to achieve, rustic, classic, romantic, boho, industrial to name a few.


One thing to bare in mind if when picking your flowers for the decorations it might help if you know what is in season for the time of year you are getting married as this will make a huge impact. Just remember that if you have your heart set on a flower and colour and this is not in season in Spain, it will have to be imported which will effect your budget.


So lets get creative...

Venue Decorations - With plenty of great ideas out there, your hanging decoration can really help create the perfect look for your wedding day in Spain.From adding some romantic fairly lighting to create a beautiful atmosphere  to hanging some colourful buntin or various other hanging decorations from hearts, to flowers to glass jars can add a special touch to the area. or some hanging buntin or paper lanterns. 

Becky Matt0279 hanging decs 6
RBB 2121 RBB 2048


Ceremony Decorations - A great opportunity to add some creative flair to your ceremony locations, from adding a simple sash to a chair and add a transformation. But a huge trend at the moment is adding some flowers to the chair this really does look stunning. You can also add a red carpet entrance which really creates a WOW factor and then decorations either at the top and end of the aisle or running all the way along the aisle to help create the perfect ambience. 

RBB 0803 emma and mark 2
DAN RIC0266 2 Becky Matt0265

Table Decorations - This is where you can really start to get creative and add your personality to your wedding. With some many ideas out there I fully understand why some people arent sure where to start. You can have floral centrepieces, lanterns, candles, vases, wishing trees, feathers to name a few all offering an amazing look for your wedding. And you can go as small and simple as you like or big and bold to create a real statement to your wedding tables. Here are some example of our past weddings.

emma and mark 16 CameilleDermot 377
JOALBERT2984 Gillian John 266

Seating Plans - This is where you can really get creative and display your seating plan in many different ways. From using a mirror to write on to using photo frames with the seating plan on to empty bottles and much more.

Becky Matt1175 Laina Ben 541 LP1878

And then of course its then adding the other small touches to the tables - Table numbers, Favours, name placements, chair decorations for the top table and kids entertainment packs to name a few.

JOALBERT3028 Becky Matt1092 LP1907

Check out our pinterest boards for some FAB ideas for these little touches

156 boards to look through - Lots of ideas and inspiration


Hope this has given you some ideas for your up and coming wedding

Happy Planning :) :)

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