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We are very honored to be working with Aleksandra Olenska who will be on hand to share her knowledge and expertise in styling. Aleksandra is the-style-whisperer, a leading international Fashion Stylist, who has worked as a Creative Director and Stylist for luxury brands including Chanel, Celine and Vanessa Bruno in Paris, and Paul Smith and Tom Ford in London. Her work has appeared in global magazines including Vogue, Elle, The Sunday Times, Self Service, In Style and Harpers Bazaar, as well as her own shoe line for TopShop,

Here is her first blog for us. Watch this space for more blogs to come over the next few weeks!!


Mother of the Bride Style

AleksandraEven though you’re content and happy in your life, and thrilled for your daughter, it’s normal to have concerns about what to wear on the big day…

Maybe your body shape has changed or you have a menopausal waistline, a few more lines than before, and don’t feel as stylish as you used to…and you know that people will be looking at you.


You know you’ll be photographed and documented from every angle whether you like it or not! And todays candid shots and videos are very different to traditional staged wedding photographs!


Maybe you’re not used to being in the limelight – and although it’s your daughter’s big day – you are a star here too! It’s also your day, and although you don’t want to outshine her, you deserve to look and feel great!


You’re going to be busy – and emotional, so it’s important that your feel as prepared and as gorgeous as possible in your outfit…

  1. Know your body shape and perceived imperfections (those bits that you like to hide, even if no one else notices!) and style identity, and dress so that you feel confident and comfortable – that includes footwear! There are amazing shoes out there with all sorts of heel heights – including fabulous twinkly flats! Hide the less loved bits, and show off the positives – I know you have them!
  2. Don’t get bogged down in conventions unless you or your daughter is obsessed by them. It’s no longer necessary to limit yourself to a coordinating fitted structured jacket and dress – you don’t want to look or feel frumpy after all! You’ll probably be too hot for a jacket anyway, but a well-cut blazer over a dress of your dreams can be much more modern, whilst still surpassing trends.

3.Consider how you look from behind – often the mother of the bride is positioned at the front at the ceremony, and at the signing  - and on video you are also visible from all angles!

  1. If you have a husband or partner - does their look compliment your own?

Likewise, speak with your daughter about your outfit, and consider what the bridesmaids are wearing - you don’t need to match, but you don’t want to clash either.

  1. When you go shopping, put yourself in the right frame of mind. Style is self-care, so try and treat it like a spa day (even if you dislike shopping!)

Put on a little make—up and wear some nice underwear, so you’re prepared for any sales assistants busting into your cabin, or those annoying not quite to the end of the wall changing room curtains, and feel good about yourself before you set off.

I like to start a shopping day in a café with a freshly brewed black coffee and a pastry, so it feels like a treat, and to hit the shops early before everything goes awry in the shops. Mess is not conducive to looking good and feeling good!

Online can also be amazing – especially with a glass of wine!

  1. Maybe you’d like to feel stylish and elegant and sophisticated or polished or pretty or chic - write out your style words, and be open to trying on new things– sometimes we get stuck in what we think suits us, rather than what styles can look amazing! Be open to your own potential! Have kindness and patience with yourself.

Lots of Love, Aleksandra, your style whisperer


If you have any questions or comments I’d love to hear - ask away! Part 2 Mother of the Bride style coming soon!

Lots of Love, xoxo Aleksandra Olenska, your style whisperer


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