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Let’s discuss about creating the perfect atmosphere for your wedding day in Spain. After all this is your special day and it needs to be everything you have ever dreamed of and more. There are many different elements that makes up your wedding day which helps create the perfect ambience.

The first thing that we start with is your:

Venue - Picking the right venue for your wedding style is the first step in setting your ambience. Whether you are looking for a classic, elegant and sophisticated wedding then something like a historic property, grand mansion or a castle is the way to go for this type of wedding, we have some fantastic wedding venues in Spain that fit this criteria. If you are looking for a more rustic, relaxed feel to your wedding day then a beautiful private villa or a small boutique hotel is perfect for you and in Spain we have plenty of stunning boutique hotels and private villas that are ideal for this style of wedding.

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 Next is looking into your:

Wedding Colour - picking the right wedding colours really does make an impacted on your wedding ambience and atmosphere, with linking this to your wedding venue and style of wedding also helps with making a decision. Going for your soft pinks and whites creates a beautiful elegant and romantic ambience, with greenery, orange, browns and creams are perfect for a rustic and relaxed atmosphere. With a pop of colour really adds a wow factor to your wedding day, using bright colours creates a vibrant and colourful ambience and its perfect if you are looking for a fun energetic wedding venue. Also working with your colour scheme to the time of year can also help you pick your wedding colours, from soft pinks, yellows, blues for a spring wedding, pinks, purples, orange and blues for summer, orange, brown, grey, blue, green, reds and yellow are perfect for an autumnal wedding and then white, red, blue, black, green for a crisp winter wedding. There is so many colours to pick from you will be sure to find the perfect colour/colours that fit your wedding style, venue, season and of course most importantly your personality.

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Now it’s time to think about:

Decorations - these play an important part of completing the perfect look and atmosphere for your wedding day. Picking the ideal decorations that will fit not only with your wedding venue but also your style of wedding whether that greenery, whimsical, romantic or vibrant to name a few. We work with some wonderful and talented venue decorators that will be on hand to help you with all your decoration needs and discuss what you are looking for to ensure that it all comes together just as you imagined. When we talk about decorations we are looking at table decorations, chair and aisle decorations and hanging decorations, all of these elements make up your wedding ambience and complete the look for your wedding day.

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 Now let’s talk about music within your wedding:

Music for ceremony, drinks reception and wedding banquet all play an important role within your wedding day to help create an excellent ambience for your special day. Picking the music for your ceremony is a big decision and its deciding whether you want your entrance and exit songs to be play by a musician, singer or through a CD. All options will be sure to make a wonderful and memorable entrance for you both. We work with some fantastic musicians and singers from harpists to a violinist who will play/sing your chosen songs. For the drinks reception it’s the chance where you and your guests get to mingle and enjoy the wonderful venue grounds before the wedding banquet starts, adding some background music to this element of the day really transforms the ambience, whether you pick a band, guitarist or just have your favourite songs on a playlist you will be sure to add a great atmosphere.

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 And the last element of ensuring your wedding day is atmospheric is:

Entertainment - Evening entertainment is a big decision and with a wide choice to pick from within Spain you will not be disappointed, depending on your budget and the style of wedding you are planning you could have just one entertainment for example a DJ or a band but if you fancy adding some Spanish into your wedding then the flamenco dancers are amazing.

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 I hope you have found this article useful and as always if you have any questions about any of the above information or elements within planning your wedding in Spain then please get in touch


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