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Who is the ‘perfect harpist’ for my wedding in Spain?

By Adel and Karina, 2 of Harps


Adel and Karina tell us, “We were recently asked some interesting questions by a couple, who are planning on a destination wedding in Spain. Being fluent speakers of Spanish, it got us thinking about planning a wedding in Spain and all the logistics associated with the music.

The questions the couple asked us included…”

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Does your wedding harpist need to live in Spain, if you are planning a destination wedding?

When booking a harpist for your wedding in Spain, it’s not important whether they live in Spain. As long as you arrange with your harpist beforehand, the times they are needed to perform, this should not be an issue. If you book a harpist who is used to travelling to perform, this will also put your mind at ease. Some harpists who travel abroad from the UK will fly, whilst others prefer to travel by car. It’s always best to ask your harpist how they plan to get to your wedding in Spain when you book them for your big day.

2 of Harps are used to travelling and have an insight into the Spanish way of life, as they used to live in Spain. They have two smaller Mark Norris Harps ( which are perfect for your wedding abroad and will suit any venue. They are fitted with pickups which means they can fill large spaces with amplification. These harps even have their own carbon fibre flight cases, to keep them extra safe during their journey.

 Should your wedding harpist be able to speak Spanish?

If you’re hiring a harpist for your wedding in Spain, it’s not necessary for them to speak Spanish, however it is useful if you’re using other local Spanish suppliers on your big day.

Adel said, “Because we lived in Spain, being able to speak fluent Spanish, amongst other languages is such a useful skill to have. You never know when you may need to use your knowledge of the languages. It can also be a special touch, if some of the family are Spanish speakers, because they too can ask us about the harp music and our instruments. It’s nice to be able to converse with guests without an interpreter.”

Karina also said, “We don’t profess to be experts, but having spoken to some of our Spanish friends, we know that celebrant led English weddings in Spain are run differently to local Spanish weddings. Usually couples from abroad (such as the UK), who dream of their celebrant led wedding in Spain, will also hold either a civil or registry office ceremony back at home to make their marriage official. I know that couples who want to hold a legal civil/religious wedding in Spain, must meet the two-year residency requirements.”

I’m getting married (holding a blessing) in Spain, do I have to include Spanish music?

No, there is no need to include Spanish music however, there is a fantastic eclectic mix of Spanish music for your wedding ceremony in Spain, if you’re looking for that ‘authentic’ vibe. Whether you want something traditional, modern, or classical, Spanish music has many different genres to suit your taste.

2 of Harps love performing Latin-pop songs which are also popular all over the world and are probably already known by your guests from Shakira to Luis Fonsi. This genre is perfect for blending with other upbeat party-style tunes that your friends and family will absolutely love.

It’s not only important for you to create a wedding playlist which matches your wedding theme in Spain, but also represents you as a couple.

Adel said, “My tips for planning your wedding playlist for your Spanish Blessing would be to think about what you both listen to together. Or maybe you have a special song which was playing when you first met. If you both have a favourite film, why not listen to the soundtrack for some inspiration? Creating your playlist as a couple is one of the most exciting parts of music planning. This can be even before you’ve booked your wedding entertainment, as it will give you both a clearer idea about what type of music you both enjoy. But remember many ‘classical’ musicians such as harpist don’t only play traditional and romantic music, but every sort of genre. We LOVE performing alternative-indie, pop-rock and classic soul covers”.

 What else should I expect from a harpist at my wedding in Spain?

If you’re booking your harpist or for that matter your other suppliers, it’s important to make sure you agree when and where they will be performing and what time they will arrive at your venue in Spain. It may also be worth asking, if any of your suppliers are used to travelling abroad – if not perhaps one of team is more akin to traveling to Spain, so can help co-ordinate your support team, that might include your photographer, makeup and hair artist.

The good thing about booking a multilingual harpist (a harpist who speaks two or more languages) is that there is far less risk of miscommunication. It makes it easier for you, and/or your wedding planner if your harpist can contact them or the venue without having to use Google Translate!

What you can expect from 2 of Harps when making a booking them for a wedding in Spain, is that we can help you and your family feel at ease.

On our return to the UK, we can continue to support you by:

  • recording your wedding ceremony music in the recording studio which you can use on your wedding video
  • playing at your celebration party with extended friends and family.
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