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Creating magical wedding photos is so important when it comes to your wedding days as these are what we look back over time and reminise about that special day and all those family and friends who joined you for your wedding in Spain. But sometimes it can be fun to get a bit more creative with our wedding photos and add something different to that all important wedding album.

So with this in mind...... who is up for trashing their wedding dress? 

Trashing your wedding dress seems to be a growing trend with many couples picking unique and creative locations to get creative and truly capture some magical and unqiue photos, is this something you have ever thought about doing? This trend has been taking the world by storm and more more photographers acround the world are offering this as part of their services, the trend started back in the USA in the late 90s and from their its just grown and grown over the years and we are seeing that over the past few years more and more couples are picking this as an extra for the wedding photos. Remember if you can't quite bring yourself to trash your orginal wedding dress, why not grab a cheapy white dress that you can use for your photos and then you can still get those amazing photos in a wedding dress :) 

With so many different ways of trashing your dress and it doesnt always have to be that you ruin your wedding dress as it depends on how wild you want to be, from inwater/underwater photo shoots, to paint fights or a photo shoot at a muddy farm you can be so creative and its a lovely way to show you and your partners personality. 

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Another huge trend that has been popular for the past few years and we will be seeing again this year are smoke bombs wedding photos. We love these photos they really do capture fantastic wedding photos that add colour and uniqueness. What is nice about the smoke bomb photos you can get your guests invloved in these photos too. You can get a range of colours to pick from and if you are thinking of doing this for your wedding day you just need to check with your wedding planner/wedding venue that they will allow the smoke bombs. 

wedding photographer villa Candela madronal marbella spain IG 2019 56 wedding photographer villa Candela madronal marbella spain IG 2019 60

So in the name of Art - will you be Trashing Your Dress or using Smoke Bombs for your wedding photos?? maybe something to consider for your 1st wedding anniversay celebrations. 

If you would like further information about adding some fun and creative wedding photos to your wedding day with on of our professional Spanish photographers then please feel free to get in touch and we would be more than happy to discuss this with you




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